Criativa Ltd provides shipping through Royal Mail United Kingdom, if you would like to find out which shipping options are available and the cost prior to placing your order read bellow or send us a Facebook message in our page at or email us at Provide product you want to buy, quantity, size and which country you want it delivered to.

Shipping Rules and Terms

All orders will be sent the same day if you order until 3pm of that day.

Orders placed on a Saturday will be posted if ordered until 3pm but will take a extra day to arrive as delivery services do not work on Sundays.

Orders placed on Sundays will be posted the same day if ordered until 12pm but delivery will take a extra day to arrive as delivery services do not work on Sundays.

Business and Working days are Monday to Friday

Europe and International maximum orders weight is 2kg. If you wish to order more than this at a time check ‘Wholesale Orders Discounts’ below.

Wholesale Orders Discounts

If you’re a business in the UK, Europe or  International we do offer wholesale discounts. Kindly email us at to request a price list and terms.

Pricing Zones


This covers England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


This covers the following countries

Albania Denmark (EU) Kyrgyzstan Russia
Andorra Estonia (EU) Latvia (EU) San Marino
Armenia Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Serbia
Austria (EU) Finland (EU) Lithuania (EU) Slovakia (EU)
Azerbaijan France (EU) Luxembourg (EU) Slovenia (EU)
  Georgia Macedonia Spain (EU)
  Germany (EU)   Sweden (EU)
Belarus Gibraltar Malta (EU) Switzerland
Belgium (EU) Greece (EU) Moldova Tajikistan
Bosnia-Herzegovina Greenland Monaco (EU) Turkey
Bulgaria (EU) Hungary (EU) Montenegro Turkmenistan
  Iceland Netherlands (EU) Ukraine
  Irish Republic (EU) Norway Uzbekistan
Croatia (EU) Italy (EU) Poland (EU) Vatican City State
Cyprus (EU) Kazakhstan Portugal (EU)  
Czech Republic (EU)   Romania (EU)  


World Zone 1

This covers all countries that aren’t a part of Europe or World Zone 2.

World Zone 1 generally covers countries in North America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia (other than Singapore and Laos).

World Zone 2

Australia Belua British Indian Ocean Territory Christmas Island (Indian Ocean)
Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) Cocos Islands Cook Island  
Fiji French Polynesia French South Antarctic Territory  
Kiribati Macao Naurun Island New Caledonia
New Zealand New Zealand Antarctic Territory Niue Island Norfolk Island
Norwegian Antarctic Territory Papua New Guinea People’s Democractic Republic of Laos Pitcairn Island
Republic of Singapore Solomon Islands   Tokelau Islands
Tonga Tuvalu   Western Samoa


Shipping Options and Prices

United Kingdom, Wales and Scotland

UK Confirmed- Royal Mail Signed For (Not tracked but a signature is required)
Size Weight up to and including 1st Class 2nd Class
Price Price
Small Parcel



1kg £4.45 £3.95
2kg £6.60 £3.95
Medium Parcel



5kg £16.95 £14.85
10kg £23.00 £21.35
20kg £34.50 £29.65


UK Guaranteed- Royal Mail Special Delivery (Tracked and Signed)
Small and Medium Parcels same sizes as above Guaranteed by next working day  1pm when ordered until 3pm Saturday Guarantee by 1pm  when ordered until 3pm on a Friday Guaranteed by next working day 9am  when ordered until 3pm Saturday Guarantee by 9am when ordered until 3pm on a Friday
Weight up to and including Price Price Price Price
100g £6.45 £10.74 £18.36 £21.36
500g £7.25 £11.70 £20.76 £23.76
1kg £8.55 £13.26 £22.50 £25.50
2kg £11.00 £16.20 £26.94 £29.94
10kg £26.60 £34.92 Not available Not available
20kg £41.20 £52.44 Not available Not available


Europe, World Zone 1 and World Zone 2

International Signed (Tracked within UK and Signed upon delivery)
Parcels up to 2kg Height+Width+Depth no more 90cm with no single side longer than 60 cm Europe World Zone 1 World Zone 2
Weight up to and including Price Price Price
250g £8.70 £9.75 £10.05
500g £10.15 £12.45 £12.90
750g £11.10 £14.55 £15.40
1kg £12.50 £17.20 £18.15
1.25kg £13.55 £18.55 £19.65
1.5kg £14.95 £20.15 £21.55
1.75kg £15.45 £21.15 £22.65
2kg £16.65 £22.75 £24.45